Girls Night Out Ideas

Girls night is always something that I look forward to. Some of my favorite nights out are spent with my best friends! We all have those go to restaurants and bars that we love to go but it's always fun to get creative and do something new together. Here are a few ideas to try with your friends on your next night out. 

Movie Marathon

If you are anything like me, chick flicks are a must watch! Living with a partner can be a little tricky to get those movies marathons in. Grab your friends and plan a movie marathon. Have your friends each bring a movie, a bottle of wine and their favorite snack. 

Spa Day

What is better than spending the day pampering yourself? Going with your friends! Book a spa day at your local spa with all of your friends. It's the perfect way to relax, catch up with friends and get one of your favorite treatments done. 

Craft Night


From painting to knitting, there are endless options that you can do! Wine, snacks, and good conversation will make your craft night extra special. If you don't want to do the craft night at home, there are plenty of paint wine bars around so be sure to check to see if there are any near you.