Beach Boudoir Sessions

The best part about boudoir is that you have endless options when it comes to your outfits and the theme that you'd like to go for. From cozy looks to super sexy, there are so many different ideas that clients absolutely love. With the warm weather right around the corner, one of my favorite things to do during client sessions is to get out of the studio and have the session take place at the beach! 

Beach Boudoir

You may be thinking that the beach is a weird place to do a boudoir session. But, I promise it is one of the best places to do a session in the warm weather. It's a fun way to switch up the background and go for more of a natural and casual theme. Beach boudoir is still super sexy and you don't even have to put on lingerie!  It also allows for new poses that you normally couldn't do in the studio. 

When it comes to your outfit, I highly suggest bringing your favorite bathing suit. You don't have to wear lingerie if you don't want to. A bikini and a t-shirt can be super sexy and it is perfect for hanging out at the beach afterwards. Think about all the things that you normally take to the beach. A bathing suit coverup may not seem super sexy but there are so many cute lace ones out now that can absolutely be used in a boudoir shoot.


Accessories are a must! From sunglasses to jewelry, I always recommend bring a few. Having different accessories will let you dress up a look and make it look a bit different. Bring your favorite detailed throw or your sweeties favorite baseball hat, the options are endless! I always recommend bringing sunscreen because we are outside in the sun and no one wants to get a terrible sunburn! Also keep in mind that you want to bring items that are okay if they get sand or water on them. 

Beach sessions may seem a little intimidating but I promise they are SO worth it. With the right accessories and the right outfit choices, you will be so happy with the final outcome.