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Boudoir Theme: Cozy Sunday Morning

Annika RoserComment
Boudoir Theme: Cozy Sunday Morning

One of my favorite looks that clients go for is that Sunday morning vibe. It's so cozy and casual but can be super sexy! Most people don't see a tshirt and socks as sexy but it's all in the posing and how you wear them. If you are looking to do a more casual look with a sexy vibe, here are a few ideas!

Outfit Ideas

Think casual! Bra and panty sets are perfect for this look. They can be mixed and matched or you can even get a matching set. You can even go with a classic Calvin Klein set. I always recommend cheeky bottoms or a thong to really show off your curves. 

Boudoir Ideas

T-shirts are great for a cozy look. White t-shirts work best but any colored t-shirt will work. You can pair the tshirt with just panties and go topless to make it a bit sexier. You can layer it over a bra too. 

Shorts are also great for layering. There are so many sexy shorts out there now that also super comfortable. Look for lace or satin shorts to layer over

Accessory Ideas

ccessories are a great way to bring a theme togethe in your session. You can add in different unique items that will make it more personal. If you are looking to do a cozy theme, there are so many options you can use for accessories. Look around your home for things you may use everyday. 

Blankets and pillows are always a great option to use. It adds in a personal touch from your home and can be super sexy to use to hide certain body parts. You can also put them in the background on the bed or chair. Your partner will definitely recognize the familiar accessories! 

A newspaper or a cup of coffee will add in that sunday morning vibe you are looking for. From lounging on the bed with it or just having it as a prop in the session, it's the perfect accessory for your theme.