A Jaw Dropping Wedding Gift

Being a boudoir photographer, I have a lot of brides that contact me for a boudoir session looking to create the perfect jaw-dropping gift for their partner.

Doing a boudoir session for your wedding is the perfect time to celebrate yourself as well as the life transition you are making. Due to it's popularity, I wanted to share a few tips with all my future brides out there to make sure your bridal boudoir session goes flawlessly.

Now Is The RIGHT Time

It may seem like there is never a perfect time for a boudoir session. You may not be feeling confident enough or you may feel like you need to lose just a few more pounds for the shoot. Well, I promise that is not the case, and NOW is the right time! Celebrate yourself in this very moment! You are getting married soon and this is a very exciting time in your life. It’s a moment that you will remember forever so why not take some you time and celebrate your body just as it is? 

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When planning your session, be sure to give yourself enough time for the shoot and to get your products in time! The editing and printing does take time so be sure to plan accordingly.  If you are planning on giving an album or another product as a wedding gift, be sure to let me know when booking your session so we can figure out the best timing for the session. If you are running behind on planning - don’t worry! We can always give your sweetie a special teaser gift to let them know of the special gift that is in the making!

The Lingerie

It’s always a great idea to add in a few wedding items for a bridal session. There are so many different white lingerie options out there. From lace rompers, to teddies to even the classic bra and panty set, there are endless options! Pick one that you feel the most comfortable and sexy in, the shoot is all about feeling good in your own skin!

If white lingerie isn’t your thing, don’t worry! There are so many ways you can make it feel like a bridal session without focusing on the color of your lingerie. Adding in accessories is always the bride’s favorite part and perfect for customizing your session. And who doesn’t love accessories?! If you are stuck on what to bring for your accessories, think about the different things you will be wearing on your wedding day. From the shoes to the veil, there are so many things that you can bring with you! Even a small bouquet or the head piece you will be wearing are great add ons. Having your special wedding items will make the session more meaningful to you and your future hubby to be. 


I love posing my clients in different ways that will show off the body parts that you want to highlight. Boudoir isn’t about focusing on the negative, it’s about focusing on how beautiful you are! If you want to show off your shoulders and legs, I’m going to make sure we have some drop dead gorgeous of those of course!

If you are looking for the perfect wedding gift, boudoir is definitely it! It's unexpected, always appereciated, and will be cherished for years to come!