Using Florals In Your Session

When spring finally rolls around, flowers are one of my favorite pieces of décor to keep in my house. They make everything brighter and of course, it smells amazing! Not only do I love having flowers in my home but I love using them during boudoir sessions. Lush floral accents pair perfectly with lingerie. They add a fun element to the shoot and can be used as a prop or even just in the background.

Think about the kind of vibe and theme you are going for. Choosing the right flowers and colors can really play a part in the feel you want. Vibrant and bright flowers are perfect for adding a pop of color. Dark roses are great for a dark and sexy feel.  If you are going for a bridal or softer look, you can always go with white or cream colored flowers.  The options are truly endless.



The classic way to incorporate flowers into your session is with a bouquet. This is perfect if you are going for that bridal feel. You can use flowers that you will have in your wedding to reminisce on that wonderful day or go with a completely different vibe that compliments your lingerie.  If you don’t want to use the bouquet as a prop you can always put the bouquet in a vase and put it in the studio as décor.

Flower Petals

If a bouquet isn’t quite right for your session, think about using single flowers or even flower petals. From scattering them on the floor to the bed, you can get that same floral feel without holding a bouquet. If you are choosing to do a milk bath, flower petals are perfect for adding into the bath!

Flower Crown

Flower crowns are always a hit when it comes to boho themed sessions. You can find them at your local florist or even on handmade sites like Etsy. You usually have the option to use fresh florals or use fake flowers and use the flower crown again and again.  One of my favorite ways to repurpose a flower crown is to be a large candle inside of it and put it on my kitchen table, it’s a cute way to use the floral crown!


Paper Flowers

With amazing sites like Amazon Handmade and Etsy, there are so many paper flower options out there. From paper bouquets to floral walls, you can definitely find a floral décor piece that will be perfect for your session. You may have to do a little extra digging but it will be something that you can use over and over again. Every time you see it, it will remind you about the boudoir session you did!

Floral Print Lingerie

If having flowers in your session isn’t something that you want to do you can always choose floral print lingerie! From the classic bra and panty set to teddies, there are so many different printed pieces to choose from. You an even get some items that aren’t your typical lingerie pieces like kimonos that you can definitely use for everyday spring outfits too.

Flowers are a fun way to switch up your session and get creative. Comment below with you favorite ways to use flowers!