Spring Cleaning Closet Hacks

Springtime is my favorite time of year to clean out my closet. I love going through all of my old clothes and figuring out what I love, what I want to donate, and what I'm missing from my closet. If you are looking to do a big spring cleaning of your wardrobe, check out these closet hacks that will help make it a bit easier. 

Take Everything Out

This is probably the worst part of spring cleaning but you'll want to remove everything out of your closet. Clean everything out! You will probably find some old favorites stuffed in the corner that you have completely forgotten about. That is the one benefit from taking everything out is that you will find a few long lost items. 



Inspect Everything

Go through each item. Try it on and look at it in the mirror. Does it still fit? Is this still true to your style? Is it still in good condition? If you answered no to either of those questions then it's probably not something that you want to keep. Remember, you don't want to keep items that you have to lose weight to fit into. Only keep items that you absolutely love and that flatter your figure. 

The Maybe Items

If you have a few items that you think you love and swear you will wear again but haven't worn in the last few years, find a special place for them in your closet or in a bag under your bed. If you find yourself missing these items, then put them back into rotation with the rest of your wardrobe. If you completely forget about these items, then it's time to donate! 

Donate, Sell, or Trash

Make a few different piles for clothes to donate, clothes to sell and clothes to trash. You want to make sure that clothes that you are donating or selling are still in great condition. If there are any pieces that have stains or holes in them, if they can't be fixed then your best bet is to put them in the trash. 

Cleaning out your closet can be a daunting task but you will feel so much better when you are done. What are your favorite things to do when cleaning out your wardrobe?