Easy Tips for the Morning of Your Session


The morning of your session you are probably feeling pretty nervous! Don't worry - it is completely normal! I think every single one of my clients walks into the studio a little nervous. I'm normally behind the camera and I even get nervous when I step in front of it. Once you get in front of the camera, your nerves will start to ease and your personality will start to come out. By the end of your session, you will feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. Here are a few easy tips to make sure the day of your shoot goes seamlessly!

Have A Snack

If you belly is too busy rumbling you might have a hard time focusing on your session. Have a quick snack before your session to make sure you have enough energy to rock it in front of the camera. 


After the cold winter months, our skin can be dry and dehydrated. Be sure to moisturize the morning of your session to be sure that your skin looks glowing and moisturized in front of the camera. 


Bring Everything

Be sure to pack your bag and double check it before leaving. You will be totally bummed out if you are missing one of your favorite outfits. Make sure to bring outfits and lingerie that you absolutely love. You want to make sure that you are wearing things that make you feel your absolute best. 

Trust Yourself

One of the reasons why I love walking you through the whole process, is to be  reassure you that you are making the right decisions! You might think you have all the right lingerie pieces and accessories but when you get into the studio, you start to second guess yourself. Trust yourself that you made the right choices along the way. 

These are just a few easy tips for the morning of your session. Most importantly, show up to the studio ready to have fun. Boudoir is an experience that will absolutely change your life.