Easy Outdoor Workout Ideas

Now that it's finally warm out, I love to take my workouts out of the gym and outside. Taking your workouts outside usually means you have to get a little creative since you don't have the same equipment to use. Getting creative with my workout is one of my favorite things about  an outdoor workout.  It lets you switch things up everyday and challenge yourself.  Here are a few easy outdoor ideas to help you with your next workout.


Running is much more fun when your outside instead of on a treadmill. Whether you are just running around your neighborhood or running through a park, there are endless routes you can take. There are many different apps out there like Map My Run to help you plan out and track the distance of your run. If you love to do circuit style runs, you can always head to your local track and do different sprinting workouts. 

Easy Workout Ideas


Here in New England, we are surrounded by a lot of different hiking trails. From Blue Hills right here in Massachusetts or the White Mountains just a short drive away in New Hampshire, there are endless options. Hiking may not seem like a great workout but remember, you can choose your trail and the difficulty! Most trails are uphill and definitely will have you sweating by the time you get up to the top. 


Circuit workouts are one of my favorites! I like to pick some of my favorite movements that don't need any equipment such as squats, pushups and burpees. You can get really creative by adding in stair springs, beach sprints, stair jumps, etc. Think about the different movements that you like to do, how many rounds you want to do and pick a fun place to go for your workout. I love to workout at the beach and treat myself with an ocean swim or even just drinking a smoothie in the sand. It's the perfect way to end a workout!

These are just a few different ways to get in a workout outside this summer season. There are so many options out there. Let me know what your favorite workout is!