What To Wear To A Dudoir Session

The question I get asked the most from my Dudoir clients is what they should be wearing! You probably have a lot of things in your closet that you would never expect to wear for your session but they work perfectly. The best part about a Dudoir shoot is you can personalize it to your style and the look that you are going for. Here are a few specific items that I recommend bringing to your shoot.

Everyday Clothing

I always recommend bringing everyday clothing with you. I know it may seem unexpected but ripped jeans, button up shirts, and even blazers are great for a Dudoir session! They may not seem that sexy folded up in your closet but in front of the camera, they are perfect! Button up shirts are a staple because they are awesome for giving off that strip tease vibe. Anything that is meaningful to you is always a great idea as well. 


Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are perfect for showing off a little skin but keeping that casual look as well. There are so many different styles and colors that you can pick whatever is your favorite look. I don't recommend wearing regular boxers because you really want to focus on form fitting pieces that will show off the shape of your body. Anything that is too baggy will make you look larger. 


Accessories are perfect for changing up any look! I always recommend bringing in your favorite tie or bowtie, hats and watches. Those are some everyday items that you may not think would make a difference in your shoot but it's great for making your session a bit more personal. You can always bring in anything that is meaningful between you and your partner like a guitar, blanket, etc. The options are truly endless and bringing in accessories are great to add to everyday outfits. 

f you have a Dudoir session coming up, don't stress about things to wear! Take some time to look through your closet and pick out some of your everyday items. If you want a few more ideas, feel free to check out this Pinterest board.