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The Perfect Nail Color For Boudoir

Annika RoserComment
The Perfect Nail Color For Boudoir

I always surprise clients when I recommend different nail colors for their session. Usually, when planning a shoot most clients focus on their lingerie and hair and makeup. Nails are easily forgotten or last on the list. But it may surprise you that your nail color can play a role in the theme that you are going for.  Here are a few of my favorite colors. 


Going for a natural shoot? A nude color is perfect for that! It won't be distracting in any of your photos and take away from the color of your lingerie. I always recommend going for a nude look because it's always a client favorite! You can switch up your outfits and not have to worry about your nails. 

White or French Manicure

If you are thinking about having a bridal theme, a white nail is perfect! You can also go with a classic french manicure look as well. Either look is classic and will work with whatever lingerie look you are going for! White nails are also perfect for a winter wonderland or holiday themed session. 


Pop Of Color

I love having a pop of color on my nails. From red to blue, there are endless color options! Don't be afraid to get your favorite color on your nails. If you have more basic lingerie options, it is such a fun way to add a little bit of color to your session. 

A Little Bit Of Glitter

I always think of glitter as a total glam look! If you are looking to a session with a little bit of glam, glitter is my go to. You can either paint all of your nails with glitter polish or pick one nail to have as an ascent. Glitter is also a fun way to add some color to your manicure. 

Whatever your theme is for your session, be sure to pamper yourself a little and get a manicure beforehand. It's a great way to relax and of course, have beautiful nails!