Keeping the spark alive in a long distance relationship

Relationships can be hard but even harder when they are long distance. Whether it is due to a job relocation, school related or just where you live, being away from the person you love isn’t easy. Keeping the spark alive between the two of you is even harder.

Here are a few tips I have learned along the way to keep the relationship strong! 

Send Surprises

ho doesn't love to get mail? When you are away from the person you love, it is easy to get caught up in your busy schedule. Sometimes, your free time doesn't always match up with your partner. One thing you can do to make sure they know you are thinking of them is to send surprises! Whether that be a movie box full of their favorite snacks and a movie to watch or even just a simple card saying I love you. It's a little gesture that will certainly put a smile on their face.

Make Time to Cha

e sure to take some time every day or even every few days to be able to chat with your partner. it allows you to have some time to see how their week is going and just catch up. f you go too long without chatting it may feel like your relationship is starting to slip away. Just be sure to take some time to stay in touch and catch up with what is going on between the two of you. 

lan Time Together


Chatting and making time for each other is great but you want to make sure you actually get some time together in the same place throughout the year. Plan out trips to visit each other. Obviously, your schedules may be completely opposite but try to schedule in a few times a year that you can spend with each other. Whether that it is around your anniversary, holidays or just a regular weekend, the time together will help keep your relationship going. 

Date Night

Thanks to the internet you can have a date night together without actually being in the same room. You can Skype with each other while you watch a movie or have dinner together. Even tho you may not be in the same room together, it will give you some face time and have a chance to "hang out." There are a lot of online sites that allow you to even play board games together! It is a fun way to get some time together without your busy life getting in the way. 

Make Time For Yo

ne important thing to remember is to make time for yourself! You may be glued to your phone all the time thinking about your partner but it's important to take some time to hang out with your friends or do something that you love. Being happy with yourself will just make you love your time with your partner even more. 

Have you been in a long distant relationship? Comment below if you have any good tips!