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Planning A Boudoir Session When You Don't Like Lingerie

Annika RoserComment
Planning A Boudoir Session When You Don't Like Lingerie

When you think of boudoir, you usually think of lace and lingerie. A common misconception when it comes to planning a shoot is that you absolutely have to wear lingerie. I always like to talk with my clients about what they want to wear during their session and they are always surprised when I tell them that lingerie is not necessary. If you don't love lingerie, that is okay! There are so many other things that you can wear and I bet most of these options are already in your closet. 

Bra and Panty Set

Bra and panty sets are often overlooked because they are an every day item, but they can be oh so sexy! The best part? You can dress them up and dress them down and ever mix and match. I love when clients bring sets in because you can truly do so much with them. Whether you want to go topless with panties or even throw on a cozy cardigan it can completely change the look of the set. Whether you bring in your favorite set or buy a new set, you know you will get to wear it again and again. 



I love when clients bring in jeans or jean shorts because they are so fun to play around with. They give off that sexy but casual vibe and we can definitely play around with a few strip tease poses if you want a few of those in your session. If your jeans have rips and holes in them, even better! It is a fun way to show off more skin without showing it all off. 


T-shirts are so comfortable and can be so sexy at the same time. I love pairing a t-shirt with a bra and panty set or even topless. It is great for getting comfortable in front of the camera and also getting a few shots with you showing off a bare shoulder or your stomach. Showing off certain parts of your body and covering other parts can be so sexy! 


Just like t-shirts, sweaters can give off a cozy yet sexy vibe. From oversized sweaters to cardigans, you can pair them with just about anything. Again, they are great for showing off certain parts of your body and covering other parts. Button up shirts or flannel shirts work great too! 


If you want something that is a little bit edgier and sexy, a leather jacket is perfect for that! It can take a basic bra and panty set from comfortable and cute to ultra sexy. Jean jackets and blazers are always a great option too! 

These are just a few of my favorite clothing pieces to recommend to clients. Before hitting the stores, take a peak in your closet and see what you can use to bring for your session. Something that you wear everyday is perfect because it's a piece that you love and we can always make it super sexy!