​Feeling Good In Your Own Skin

I always preach about self love and feeling good in your own skin. But, I totally understand that sometimes being able to be fully confident in your own body can be hard. We all have those days that we look in the mirror and don't totally love what we see. We all have those days but I'm working with so many wonderful ladies that I want to see have less of those bad days. I know it can be hard but I'd love for every single lady to love what they see, everyday. ou are not alone, I have those days too but here are a few of my favorite tips to get myself out of that funk.

Leave The Scale Behind

One thing that always messes with my head is weighing myself every day. Our body weight fluctuates all the time depending on how much water we are drinking, what type of foods we are eating, etc. The number fluctuating is totally normal but seeing it go up and down all the time can mess with your head and sometimes can totally ruin your day. If you want to still weigh yourself consistently try picking one day a week and weigh yourself consistently on that day each week. You still can get an idea of how that number is moving but you will feel so much better without doing it every day. 

Self Care

Self care is so important and it's one of the hardest things to actually follow through with. With busy schedules and just life happening, trying to find time for you is tricky. The one way that I make time for self care is I schedule it in. I know it may sound a little crazy but if you want to take yoga or pilates class, put it in your calendar. Treat it the same way as work or client meetings. When it is in your calendar, you won't be able to schedule anything at the same time and you will be able to make that appointment with yourself. 

Make Time For Laughter

I believe in making time for laughter every week and even everyday. Spend time away from work and spend time with people that make you feel good! Smiling and laughter is so good for the soul and I swear can make such a huge difference in how you feel about yourself. 

Write Down Daily Completed Tasks

We get so consumed by our to do lists and can feel awful about yourself if you don't accomplish everything that you want to. Whether you only lost 2 pounds or only got one task off of your to do list, it's still something to be proud of yourself for. I always have a running to do list and goal list but when I am feeling down, I make a list of all the things I have completed that day or week. I write down everything! From goals I've accomplished to the fun things I've been able to do, I write it all down. When I'm done creating the list, I have a list of everything I have been able to do and it makes me feel SO good knowing I was able to do all of those tasks!


Eat Foods That Make You Feel Good

When I eat a lot of junk food it usually makes my tummy feel not so hot and I feel tired and lazy. It does not make me feel good! I find that the better that I eat the better my mood is. Eating clean makes me feel better in my body because I am not feeling bloated or sick. 

These are just a few of my favorite tips for helping me get out of my funk. Feeling good in my own skin is something that I strive for every single day and I encourage you ladies to do the same thing! If you have any tips that you would love to share, comment down below!