Doing A Boudoir Shoot For You

Time and time again, I always hear ladies saying that they want to do a boudoir shoot but they don’t have anyone to gift the album to. But a shoot is about YOU, and should be a celebration of your body! Even when clients are gifting their images to their partners, they always tell me that it really is much more just a present for themselves.

  I try to do a session myself every few years.  Even as a boudoir photographer myself, I know how hard it can be to step in front of that camera. But leaving the session, that’s always the most rewarding part. As you get more comfortable in front of the camera, you start to realize just how beautiful you really are.

Our lives are full of social media, busy schedules and an ever-changing world. Especially with social media, it can be hard not compare ourselves to everyone else. But it’s important to step back and take a look at yourself. Take a look at what makes you so special. Being able to see yourself from the photographer’s eye is one of my favorite things about boudoir. I get to capture my clients’ beauty every single day. It’s amazing to be able to celebrate yourself and look back at how much you have grown over the years.


My favorite thing about ladies doing sessions for you is that you get to capture yourself in this moment, exactly how you are. You will never be exactly how you are today again. When you are older, you have this beautiful moment captured in time and you can look back and remember what your life was like today. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your self! Whether you are going through a tough time or everything is going well, you deserve to celebrate your body and who you are today.

If you are worried about not having lingerie, that is okay! The best part about boudoir is that you can wear almost anything. If lingerie isn’t your style, think about day-to-day life and what you wear. Your closet is probably full of amazing options. From t-shirts to sweaters to even a white sheet, you can make anything like drop dead gorgeous! If you are looking for options, check out this detailed blog post about what to wear.  

If you are waiting for the perfect partner, waiting to lose 10 pounds, or waiting for the right time, I challenge you to make that time now. If you constantly push it off for the right moment, who knows when the stars will align. You are beautiful and perfect in every way right now in this moment!