My Adventure In The Azores

My Adventure In The Azores

I am obsessed with traveling and reading about places all around the globe, but to be honest I had never really heard much about the Azores. The Azores is a group of islands that are a region of Portugal in the Atlantic ocean. I learned more about them, when my two best friends and I decided to join a yoga retreat that was going there. My friends live in Florida (where I lived for a long time) and I am up in Boston obviously, so we don't ever get to spend enough time together. I met both of these fine ladies while in 6th and 7th grade and we have pretty much been inseparable since. 

Getting to spend a week together there was incredible, especially in a picturesque place such as the Azores. We were on the biggest island called Soa Miguel or the Green Island. The name certainly holds up, as I have never seen such lush greenery anywhere else. Every corner of the island is picture perfect, with nothing out of place, and everything perfectly manicured. Definitely consider the Azores if you are interested in nature, hiking, surfing, and amazing cheese, because they have plenty! 

Before I get to pictures from the trip, I do have to make two quick side notes about the island. One, the weather there is crazy! All the locals told us that we will just have to surrender to the weather which we really didn't understand at first. But we quickly learned! It can be sunny with not a cloud in the sky, and not even two minutes later the sky can be black with pouring rain, back to sun, then onto hail, then back to sun...literally all day, every day. It was so unpredictable. The weather changes so drastically, that a few times I actually started to feel a bit light headed due to the strong pressure systems moving over the island. But as long as you come with a prepared wardrobe, nothing can stop you from enjoying this stunning place.

And two, as my friends can attest to this, Soa Miguel has the most beautiful men. Ever. So if you are looking for a fun trip and a treat for the eyes ladies, go to Soa Miguel ;) 

Enjoy the photos!