My Boudoir Session

I totally get the nerves that come along with doing a shoot like this. I try to do a shoot for myself every year (although lately it is more like every 2 years that I find the time!), and yet I still get nervous. It is never a bad nervous, as all of my clients can attest to, but more of an excited nervous. The kind that you get when you're trying something new and can't wait for the end result. Boudoir undoubtedly gives me this feeling every time...and I have been getting shots done of me since I was 18!

I think the best thing we can do for our own self confidence, is be seen through someone else's eyes. I do shoot self portraits of myself all the time to try out new posing or lighting ideas, or as little gifts for my boyfriend, but it is still such a thrill getting to see myself through someone else's lens. Last year I did a shoot with Beth from Lost Highway Imaging for that exact reason. Whenever I hire another boudoir photographer for my shoots, I try to make sure that their style is very different than my own. Like I said, I don't want to see myself how I do on a daily basis. This is special. This is boudoir after all. 

I chose Beth because of her very unique style that almost verges on fantasy. Now no matter who is shooting me, I always make sure I stay true to my personal style (just like I recommend to all my clients!). I wore pieces of clothing and lingerie that matched my personality, although they were probably a bit more causal than what Beth's clients typically choose to wear. Beth was great at incorporating her brands look of fantasy and meshing it with my more girl next door, casual approach. I loved the session and the images....and of course getting shots done in a real horse barn (with actual horses hanging out) was the best part! Check out the images below :)