​All About Makeup Color Correcting

When it comes to makeup, you probably have heard about color correcting time and time again. When I first started hearing about it, I had no idea that you could use different colors to hide redness, dull skin or eye tired eyes. I just thought I had to embrace it! Here is a quick breakdown to make color correcting so much easier for you. 


Green is great for canceling out any redness. Redness can be from just about anything, from pimples to skin irritation to even rosacea. If you have any kind of redness from those things, green is great for canceling it out. It will help you conceal the red spots under your makeup and you can forget about that annoying zit on your face. If you have overall redness, you can mix the green corrector with your primer to help camouflage everything.


If you have any blue or purple hues under your eyes, pink and peach tones are great for canceling it out. If you have a deeper skin tone, coral and reds can also cancel out any darkness. If I haven't slept good and have some dark spots under my eyes, peach and pinks are my go to!



Let's be real, no one likes dark circles! If the peach and pink doesn't cut it, try out orange. Orange cancels out dark circles and brown spots and works great on medium to deep skin. 


If you have any dull yellow tones, purple is great for canceling out that hint of yellow. Either a light purple or a lavender will work perfectly. It works great for light to medium skin tones. 


If you have any issues with yellow tints and you have fair skin, blue is going to be your go to. It's great for neutralizing any yellow hues and sallowness. Also, it can cover any hyper pigmentations on the skin. Blue is best used on fair skin. 


If I am ever worried about dullness, yellow is my go to. Yellow can cancel out purple hued dark circles. it also can neutralize in mild redness. If you have a lackluster complexion it can also help brighten it up. 

These are quick tips about the different ways you can color correct your skin. Hiding any imperfections will help your makeup look great in front of the camera and out for a night on the town.