Romantic Themed Sessions

When it comes to boudoir, there are so many different routes you can go. From sexy and seductive to romantic and cozy, there are so many different options. You can always switch up the feel of your session with different lingerie pieces and accessories. One of my most popular themes I get asked for is a romantic session. I love doing romantic sessions because they always include a few personal items, and I love seeing what clients bring in. Here are a few of my favorite tips if you are planning on doing a romantic session. 



When it comes to your lingerie, you have a lot of options! Lace is always a good idea and photographs so beautifully. Popular colors are white, light gray and pink but you don't have to stick to just those colors. Don't be afraid to buy black or red, with different poses and lighting techniques it will absolutely work for your romantic session. 

Clothing Pieces

Don't love lingerie? That's okay! There are so many pieces in your closet that you can bring in that are perfect for this session. From white t-shirts to cardigans, you can either pair them with a pair of cheeky bottoms or layer over a teddy and it gives a sexy look a very cozy feel to it. 


Accessories are one of my favorite ways to add to a session. From jewelry to blankets, there are so many options to choose from. A great way to add a romantic feel to your session is using candles and flowers in the background. Whether you choose to do your session in the studio or in a hotel, you can add in some decor to the background. You can always use these items as props in a few of your poses as well. 

Personal Items

If you are thinking of doing a session for your sweetie, don't forget to bring some of their favorite items! I've had past clients bring in their husband to be's guitars, jerseys, hats and more! When it comes to clothing, make sure you are not bringing anything that is too big. You want to make sure that we can still capture those beautiful curves. 

When it comes to planning a romantic themed session, the options are truly endless. From different accessories to even clothing pieces, I love that you can switch up a lingerie look from seductive to romantic in a matter of minutes. What is your favorite boudoir look?