3 Birthday Surprises Your Guy Will Love

Finding the perfect Birthday gift for your guy can be a little tricky if they don't give you any hints. If you are anything like me, I love being able to gift the perfect gift! Here are a few simple surprises that are guaranteed to put a smile on his face!

His Favorite Dinner 

Who doesn't want to eat their favorite meal on their Birthday? If you are looking for a fun night out, make a reservation at his favorite restaurant with his friends or just the two of you for a more intimate night. You can hit some local bars after, a comedy show, or just walk around the city. Spending time together and experiencing new things together is a fun way to spend his Birthday together. 


You can always do a fun night in too! Whether you want to order his favorite takeout meal from a local restaurant or cook at home - you can have that same dining experience but in the comfort of your home. Make a night of it with his favorite movie and snacks or his favorite game. 

Surprise Getaway

Have you talked about going on a trip together? Ff there is anywhere you know he's been dying to go to, think about surprising him with it! Whether it is just a weekend away, a staycation or even a weeklong vacation, spending some time together away is the perfect surprise birthday gift if it fits into your budget. Whether it is somewhere local or even out of the country - there are so many places that you can go and experience. It is a great way to have a fun experience together and celebrate being another year older. 

Boudoir Album

Boudoir albums are the gift that keep on giving! Not only do you get a few new pieces of lingerie (if you choose to shop!) but you can look back at it again and again. Seeing you in his favorite lingerie pieces will absolutely make his jaw drop! I love helping clients put together a secret boudoir shoot for their partners birthday. It will absolutely surprise him and and you get to experience a session for yourself. Whether you want to do a cozy and casual session, a sexy and seductive session, or even a birthday themed session, there are so many options! You can always mix in a few different styles throughout the shoot  and even add in a special birthday message in your birthday suit ;) 

Whatever you choose to do for his Birthday, I'm sure he will love it! Spending time together is ultimately what really matters. I'm sure he won't mind being spoiled a little either!