Ms. O's Boudoir Experience

Ms. O came to me wanting to do a boudoir session for her future hubby. She knew it was something he would absolutely loved because had been in the photography world for about 10 years. She knew she wanted to give him a gift that would knock his socks off and as you can tell by the photos, I'm sure she did just that! 

What made you decide on doing a boudoir session? 

 I am getting married next summer, and my fiance loves photography (he ran several photobusinesess for 10 years). He is also a bit on the shy side, so I wanted to pleasantly shock him - he now knows there are some photos waiting for him, and he can hardly contain himself. 

How did you decide on what to wear?

One of my outfits are very bridal like, and I also included my veil and the shoes I am wearing in our wedding.

Did you bring any meaningful accessories?

Yes, my veil and bridal shoes. As well as som lounge shorts that I know he loves. In addition, I wanted to wear a darker outfit for drama. The third outfit I just fell in love with, and picked it for the details on it.

Let's talk about the day of the shoot. Were you nervous before arriving?

I was definitely nervous when I arrived - but calmed down pretty quickly as you greeted me.

How did you feel being in front of the camera?

I felt really awsome; the guidance was a great help!

Tell me about the experience you had during the session. Were the poses what you expected? Did you have fun?

I had so much fun! The poses were a lot of fun (and quite the workout! :-)

I always have to ask, were you sore the next day from the poses?

Yes, I was - particularly my back -- from arching perhaps

What were your first thoughts when you saw your images?

I honestly felt a bit giddy and very proud - It was a bit surrealistic to see them; they were so beautiful! 

Have you noticed a mental shift in the way you view your body since doing the shoot?

There is definitive pride and body positivity.

Do you have any advice or tips for ladies who are thinking about doing a session?

I would encourage all ladies who are considering it, to go ahead. Either as a gift to themselves or to someone special. It is a truly special experience, you'll have fun and will perhaps walk with more strut and pride afterwards. It is an empowering experience.

What was your absolute favorite part of this experience?

That is a difficult question to answer, as there were so many fun parts.. The session itself was interesting and pleasant. The finished product left me in awe :-) And I felt very well cared for throughout the experience. I really like the thoughtfulness and exquisite detail of the products for purchase.