Using Everyday Items In A Session

When it comes to bringing in props and accessories, a lot of times my ciients' will feel lost as to what to bring. I know it may feel overwhelming to find the perfect prop for your shoot but I want this to be a fun experience for you! You probably already have a lot of great options in your closet that you haven't thought about! Bringing in some of your everyday items makes the shoot feel a bit more cozy and personal. 



Adding accessories is such a fun part of having a session but often forgotten about. Adding in fun pieces like statement earrings or necklaces will turn a simple lingerie piece into such a cute put together outfit. If statement pieces aren't your thing, that's okay! You can add simple necklaces and earrings too. 

Sweaters and Jackets

Sweaters and jackets are great for layering over lingerie sets, bra and panty sets or even to pair with a nude look! There are so many different options when it comes to sweaters and jackets and we all have so many in our closets. If you are looking for more of a cozy Saturday morning feel, a sweater will work perfect for you. If you are looking for a more sexy and seductive look, a leather jacket is perfect. 

Blankets and pillows

A few things that work so perfect for a session may actually surprise you! If you have a favorite blanket or even a pillow with your wedding date on it, feel free to bring it with you! It gives off that cozy and comfortable vibe but also brings in a few familiar items from your home. 

Sessions are meant to be fun so feel free to get creative with the items that you bring. From aprons to your sweeties favorite tie, your home is filled with so many different options for your shoot.