Lingerie for Maternity Sessions

If you have been following me for awhile, you know that I am all about loving your body no matter the size! Every woman's body is beautiful and I think it should be celebrated throughout every stage of life. I love when my clients come to me and want to celebrate their pregnancy. It is such a special time in their life and their body's are changing with a little miracle. 

One question I get asked a lot if what lingerie to wear to a maternity boudoir session. It can be hard to figure out when and where to buy so I wanted to give you a few tips on what to do if you are planning a maternity boudoir session. 

Forget the Corsets

Since your belly is constantly growing, you want to stay away from bustiers or corsets. You don't want anything that will constrict the waist. Instead, try something that will be able to really show off your figure. Lace teddies are great to wear and usually have a little stretch to then. 


Bra and Panty Sets

These are always a go to recommendation for any boudoir session! Not only are they are great to mix and match but you can pretty much guarantee they will fit you throughout most of your pregnancy. Whether you choose to get a maternity set or an everyday set, you want to make sure that it will accommodate your growing bump and is comfortable for you to wear during your session.  

Robes & kimonos

Robes and kimonos are perfect for maternity sessions! They are perfect for showing off that bump and hiding any other body parts you may not want to show. They are the perfect piece that will can wear and know that it will still fit you after your session and after your pregnancy. They are great for layering over lingerie sets and they come in so many different fabrics and patterns. 



I love when my clients bring in a personal touch for their maternity sessions. Whether it is a baby onesie or even a pair of shoes, bringing in a little accessory is perfect for adding a touch of you into your session. It makes the session a little extra special and can be used as a prop or just as an accessory in the background. 

Are you thinking about doing a maternity session?! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at and we can chat about it!