Planning A Fall Date Night In

With fall right around the corner, I love planning some fun date nights in! I love going out in the summer but sometimes, it can be just as fun (and budget friendly!) to spend your Saturday night in. You may be thinking that a night in will be super boring but I promise with a little planning, it can be fun! 

Here are a few simple ideas of date nights you can enjoy at home during the fall season!

Bonfire & Stargazing

The best part about fall? You can still enjoy a nice bonfire outside and of course, smores! It's cool enough that you can stay warm by the fire and snuggle up together under a blanket. Depending on the weather, you can spend some time outside staring up at the stars! 

Carving Pumpkins

hat is better than acting like a kid again and carving some pumpkins? You can usually find pumpkins all throughout the fall season and they make cute decorations on a porch. If you are feeling creative, you two could even make a bet for who creates the better pumpkin, whoever loses can cook dinner!

Movie Night


Who doesn't love a good movie night? With the temperatures dropping, I love cracking open the windows a little bit so the house gets a little bit cooler, it's the perfect excuse to snuggle up on the couch! Pick your favorite movie, pop some popcorn and spend the night on the couch. Movie nights are always one of my favorite nights in. 

Create A New Dessert

You can never go wrong with creating a fun dessert, am I right?! You can always add this into a fun movie night because who doesn't love a delicious dessert. Get creative and see what's in the your kitchen. See what you both can create and try each others creations. 

What is your favorite night in? Comment below, I've love to hear!