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How To Use Winter Accessories In Your Boudoir Session

Annika RoserComment
How To Use Winter Accessories In Your Boudoir Session

One of my favorite things about winter is the cozy clothes and accessories that you get to bundle up in all season long. I don't particularly love the temperatures and the weather but I love the fashion that comes along with it. I get asked often by clients how they can make their sessions feel like they've taken place in the winter. I always recommend taking that same fashion sense from your everyday winter wardrobe to your boudoir session. Here are some quick tips to help you out! 


Sweaters are great for layering over your lingerie sets, pairing with your favorite pair of panties or even for a nude look. I love pairing sweaters with any look because it's perfect for giving that lingerie set a whole new look. If you want to hide certain parts of your body while showing off another, layering pieces like sweaters will help you do just that! 

From cardigans to pull over sweaters to even crop sweaters, pick out your favorite and try pairing it with one of your looks. I always recommend bringing in a few extra pieces just in case something doesn't work out the way you envisioned it. 



Winter accessories are the best! From beanies and scarves to even knee socks, there are so many different accessories you can pair with your lingerie outfits to create the perfect look. You don't have to use all of the accessories in every single look, you can pair the accessories with one or two looks if you'd like. 

Don't be afraid to get creative! If there is something specific that you absolutely love, be sure to bring it to your session with you. 

Home Decor

You don't have to only incorporate the cozy clothes, you can always bring in a few home decor pieces. Do you have a favorite blanket that you break out every single winter?! Bring it with you! Blankets are great for layering over lingerie sets, laying on, and even just having as a prop in the studio. There are so many different ways that you can use a blanket and it gives you that extra winter feel. You don't have to stop at blankets either. From couch pillows to candles, think about the different pieces that you usually add in to your home during the winter. Those are great pieces to bring with you! 

Having a winter session shouldn't deter you away from having a session. There are so many ways that you can give your session that cozy and comfortable vibe. What did you incorporate into your winter boudoir session? Be sure to comment below!