Why A Boudoir Session Makes The Perfect Wedding Gift

Boudoir is such an intimate experience and being able to gift those images to someone is so personal and special. I love when brides come to me wanting to do a session for their partner because they know they will never expect it! No two sessions are the same and that’s one of my favorite things about boudoir. You can absolutely customize everything to your style, all the way from lingerie, to accessories to even the hair and makeup. It’s all about you! Boudoir sessions make for the perfect for the wedding gift for a few different reasons. Not only will it absolutely make your sweetie’s jaw drop, but it’s something that the two of you can treasure for the rest of your life! You can always look back on the images and remember when the two of you tied the knot.



Gifting a boudoir session is such a personal and intimate gift. There is so much planning and thought that goes into planning a session that really makes it more than just photographs. It’s way more personal than getting a new watch or phone for your partner. There are different ways that you can customize your session to make it even more personal for your sweetie, like adding in his favorite tie or customizing the cover of your album. These little touches will not go unnoticed. 

Creative Control

You have so much creative control when it comes to your session. I will be there along the way to help with any questions or concerns but the lingerie and style is all up to what you want! I love that because it makes every session that I shoot so incredibly different, even if both clients are doing a bridal session. Having all of those decisions to make may seem a little overwhelming and stressful but I have planned it out for you that you have plenty of time to make these decisions way before your session. I don’t want this to be a stressful experience for you at all. By the time your session rolls around, you will know exactly the style and vibe you are looking for! You have complete freedom when it comes to the products as well. You can mix and match different items together to make the perfect gift for your sweetie. 


Will Last A Lifetime

One of my favorite things about boudoir shoots is that you now have these memories captured for the rest of your life! The whole experience is pretty life changing and you always have these memories to look back on, no matter how many years have passed. Years down the road, you and your partner can look at your images together and remember this special time in your life! 

These are just a few different reasons on why boudoir seasons are perfect wedding gifts for your partner. Whether it is for your wedding or just a gift to say I love you, it’s definitely a gift that is going to make your partner’s jaw drop!