Winter Workout Ideas

With winter in full spring, it’s pretty common that most people tend to drop off of their fitness goals mainly because of the weather! If you are someone who walks to the gym or even likes to workout outdoors, it can be hard if it is snowy and freezing cold. There are plenty of ways that you can stay in shape and I wanted to share a few of them with you!


Winter Sports

There are so many different outdoor sports for the winter that are not only a great workout but fun too! Skiing and snowboarding is a great workout and allows you to get in some winter outside time, along with some pretty awesome views from the top of the mountains! The best part? The ski lift is like a mandatory rest time in between runs! 

Ice skating can be a fun way to get in a quick workout. It’s a little bit harder if you have not done it before but check out your local rink to see if they offer types of classes. Some rinks are indoors so they may be a little bit warmer than the outside temperature. 

Home Workouts

If you can’t make it to the gym, that’s okay! There are so many different ways to workout right inside your home. Whether you want to join an online fitness challenge or get a virtual trainer, buy workout dvd’s or even just search for workouts you can do from the internet. Don’t let the weather bring you down and deter you from getting that daily workout in. There are a lot of great options and you can find some great budget friendly workout equipment online. 

Group Classes

If you are anything like me, sometimes it can be hard to get my butt to the gym on a regular basis. Having other people keep me accountable in a group class setting can be a really helpful tool to make sure you get there. If you know the trainers or your friends in the class are expecting you to be there, chances are you will be there! It’s always a great way to make sure that you are having fun during your workouts. The more fun you have the more likely you are to keep going and make this part of your daily routine. 

Embrace the Season

I love going on winter hikes and winter walks throughout the season. It’s an easy way to get a workout in but you get to see your favorite routes in a whole new light. That same spring hike looks completely different in the winter. Of course, make sure that the trails or the route you want to go is safe to go through in the winter months. Be sure to wear layers, stay warm and bring lots of water with you! 

These are just 4 easy ways to make sure you are staying active throughout the winter months. It’s easy to find yourself sitting on the couch a little often during the winter. With the cold weather and short days, it can be hard to find your motivation! Make sure you taking time to find activities that you really love to do and reward yourself when you stick to those goals!