Shop Your Closet

Even though boudoir is the perfect excuse to get in some retail therapy, you can absolutely save the money and shop your closet. You may be thinking that I’m a little bit crazy and wondering what is sexy enough in your closet. Well, for starters - anything can be sexy! If you want to purchase a few pieces for your session, that is totally fine! But, you probably have a lot of great accessories locked away in that closet that you are missing out on. If you are looking for a few outfit ideas, this is for you! 

Bra and Panty Sets

You may be thinking that a classic bra and panty is boring but they are amazing for boudoir. Not only can you mix and match pieces but there are so many different styles and materials to choose from. You can also switch it up a little bit and go topless with your bra and panty set or even add in different accessories to the look. 


Shorts can be oh so sexy! From lace shorts to jean shorts, you can really turn up the heat with a pair of booty shoots! Everyone has a good pair of jean shorts in their closet and paired with a bra and panty set, it can make for some really sexy shots. It’s a simple piece that can add a lot of personality and 

Blazer or Cardigans


Blazers and cardigans are great for pairing with any lingerie look. Any type of jacket will work too! Depending on the style and material it can add a really sexy vibe to your outfit or a more casual and romantic  look. I’m sure your closet is full of some really great options that you wear on the daily! 

Pencil Skirts

Who knew that something you wear to work can be extremely sexy. Pencils skirts are great because they show off your body shape! Whether you want to do more of a strip tease look or pair it with a bra and panty set, it is so sexy either way. The best part? You can wear that same skirt to work next the next day. 


A classic shirt doesn’t sound sexy but can be the perfect accessory to any session. Whether you want to pair it with a teddy, bra and panty set of even just on its own, it adds a casual but sexy vibe to the images. White t-shirts are great for showing off the girls. 


Who doesn’t love a good bodysuit?! Whether you decide on a solid color bodysuit or lace, they are perfectly paired with high waisted jeans or on its own in a session. Bodysuits can be intimidating when you see them on the hanger but they look amazing on in front of the camera. From cheeky to thong bodysuits, they are great pieces that are totally versatile. 

Just because you are doing a boudoir session, doesn’t mean that you have to do a ton of shopping! Just remember, you are what makes the outfits sexy, not the other way around. You can wear just about anything for your session and I promise it will come out nothing short of amazing.