Getting Comfortable In Front Of The Camera

Whether it is a sexy boudoir session or a cozy and romantic look, boudoir can be a bit intimidating. Taking off your clothes in front of a camera and posing can make us feel a little uncomfortable and sometime just plain silly! Here are a few of my favorite tips for getting comfortable in front of the camera.

Hair and Makeup


One of my favorite things when clients get their hair and makeup done is the time that we get to spend chatting. For some of my clients’, their meetings take place over the phone so the day of the session is usually the first time we meet face to face.  That in itself can be a little nerve-racking. I love sitting down and chatting with them while they get pampered and find out more about them and the reason behind the session. It’s the perfect way to relax a little bit and get to know each other more. Not to mention, getting pampered always makes us feel like a queen!


Even if you have to force a smile the first couple of times, you are going to signal to yourself that you are having fun! Don’t feel like you have to keep a super serious face the whole time, sometimes our partners love our smiling images the best because it’s what they are used to seeing on a regular basis. Of course, you may have to put with a few of my jokes throughout the session but I try to keep it as casual as possible. I want you feel comfortable and your best self in front of the camera. 


I know it can be hard but it’s so important to trust your photographer throughout the session. I’ve been doing a boudoir for many years and have hundreds of clients in front of the camera. All of my clients range in their personalities, posing preferences, height, weight, and outfits. Everyone is different and that’s what makes me love my job so much. I customize every session exactly for you so I promise there is absolutely nothing to worry about :)

Incorporate Your Personality

One thing that I always recommend is bringing in some accessories from home. Whether that is your favorite leather jacket, your sweeties tie, or maybe even your favorite throw blanket - be sure to bring it with you! It’s a great way to incorporate a little piece of home into your session and make you feel a little bit more yourself in front of the camera. 

Boudoir is such an intimate experience and can be overwhelming to be in front of the camera. Just remember, it is totally normal to feel a little nervous before your session. Bring yourself and your outfits and I will handle the rest!