Unique Spring Date Ideas

Winters in New England usually mean a lot of time bundled inside staying warm and cozy. As much as I love those nights in, I am so excited for a new season and warmer weather. With the temperatures warming up and all the flowers out to bloom, it gives you a good reason to get out of the house for a date day or even a date night with your partner. If you are stuck on ideas, here are a few simple ideas to get you of the house and out on a fun date adventure. 



What’s better than having a delicious meal outside?! Decide on some easy to transport foods and find a fun place to have a picnic with your partner. Whether you want to go to the beach at sunset, your favorite local hangout or even your local park. With nice weather finally here, it’s the perfect way to take advantage of it. Be sure to bring foods that are okay with being in the warmer weather for a little bit. You don’t want to bring anything that will melt or spoil while you are on the way to your eating spot!


Hiking is an unexpected date idea but can be really fun. It’s great for when you want to do something different and active. Being in New England, there are so many different hikes that result in great views. Decide on how long you want to travel and look up different trails. Be aware that some hikes are dog friendly and some are not - just in case you want to bring your furry friends along! 


Another idea that is quite the adventure and unexpected is going kayaking! There are a lot of local rivers, bays and lakes that will offer canoeing, kayaking and even paddle boarding once the weather gets warmer. If you are planning on going swimming, you may want to wait till it gets a bit warmer so that you are not freezing! Summer temperatures are only a few short months away. 


Is there anything better than an unexpected road trip?! Whether you want to go try a new restaurant in Newport or drive to a beach in the Cape, find somewhere to go for a day trip. It’s a great way to spend the whole day together and visit somewhere you may not see very often or at all. You can literally drive anyway! You don’t even have to pick a destination. Find a good playlist and drive around until you find somewhere that looks intriguing. 

These are just a few date ideas to help you get outdoors and onto your next adventure. Not all dates have to be dinner and drinks. Think outside of the box and get creative on your next day or night out with your partner.