Ms. F's Boudoir Session

Ms. F came to me wanting to do a sexy boudoir session to surprise her partner with. She never really shopped for lingerie before and did a lot of shopping for the shoot. After some trial and error finding the perfect lingerie pieces, I think she could not have picked better pieces! Her images came out absolutely stunning and I am so happy that I got the chance to work with her.

Tell me about the lingerie shopping process, was it hard, was it fun? Where did you go?

Shopping for lingerie was one of my favorite parts of the process! I mostly shopped online at Victoria's Secret, Nordstrom, Frederick's of Hollywood and Yandy. Because I had really never shopped for lingerie before it was such an exciting experience to try on all different kinds of outfits to see what looked best on my body. I did A LOT of buying and returning but in the end it was definitely worth it to get the perfect outfits.

How were you feeling before you entered the studio/shooting location for the first time, nervous, excited, etc?

I had a lot of nervous excitement on the morning of the shoot. The anticipation of not knowing what to expect was definitely the worst part though. Just like a lot of other women have expressed, as soon as I met Annika my nerves definitely subsided and I was able to relax and enjoy chatting while my hair and makeup were being done.

What was your favorite lingerie look? Was it one you expected, or were you surprised by the piece that ended up being your favorite?

My favorite lingerie look was the black lace long sleeve teddy. I almost didn't order that one because I was sure I did not want long sleeves, but I was SO glad I did. It photographed beautifully and instantly became some of my favorite series of photographs.

What inspired you to choose your makeup look?

I do not wear any makeup on a daily basis so I looked for something that complimented my lingerie without being too over the top. I wanted my shoot to have a seductive feel so I asked Jannicke to do a more muted smoky eye and a lighter lip color. The lashes of course are also always so much fun and really made the makeup pop. I got all my inspiration from Pinterest and Jannicke was able to recreate it flawlessly.

How did you feel leaving your boudoir session? Excited, empowered, sexy?

Totally empowered! Boudoir was something that was very far out of the box for me but has ended up being one of the most rewarding things I have ever done for my self image. I could not wait to see the final result!

What was your first thought when seeing how you looked in your photos? Have you noticed a mental shift in the way you view your body since doing the shoot?

Whoa that's me?! Even on the back of the camera on the day of the shoot I just knew these were going to be incredible. It is very nerve wracking not knowing how your body is going to be portrayed in photographs but with Annika's help all I can say is Wow! I absolutely look at my body more confidently now since the shoot. It's very liberating to realize that your body, even the parts you don't like, can be portrayed so beautifully.

Would you do another session?

Without question or hesitation! This has truly been one of the most fun, exciting and empowering things I have ever done.

If you had to choose your favorite image or series of photos, which would it be?

SO hard to choose! But I would have to say the black lace teddy w/ the long sleeves and the silhouette shots w/ the bralette and garter.