The Ultimate Boudoir Experience

Editing taking up your life? Free up your time and outsource it! Focus on the things that matter, all the while increasing your productivity and brand image. 

Professional editing will enable you to charge more for your images, have happier clients, and free up your time. Win-Win! 


Culling & Sorting: Sorting through a session to the best photos, cropping & straightening, plus color correction 

Light Edit: Color correction, minor background adjustments, natural skin softening (including stretch marks), eye brightening, plus color effects (if desired, +$1)

Full Edit: {most popular} Color correction, full background cleanup, body modification, skin softening and blemish removal (including tan lines, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, tattoos, etc), eye brightening, plus color effects (if desired, +$1)

Light editing is ideal for wedding and family portrait clients, while full edits are perfect for boudoir, glamour, and fashion images. 

Culling & Sorting

1-400 images  $20

400-800 images $40 

800-1200 images $55

1200-2k images $78 

2k-3k images $100 

3k-4k images $150

Light Edits starting at $2.50 per image 

Full Edits starting at $9 per image


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