3 Ways To Save Money When Starting A Business

Starting a business can be expensive and overwhelming. For a few months, it may seem like you are shelling out more money than you are making. There are a few ways that you can save a little bit money when you first start. 


DIY Websites

You may be dreaming of hiring that graphic designer but you can absolutely make a beautiful site on your own. Whether you are using Squarespace, Wix or even Wordpress, there are countless tutorials on the internet. You may get a little frustrated here and there but in the end, you will save so much money. Once you are in business and have income coming in monthly, you can absolutely hire a designer to get the website that you want. 


As a photographer, you may not want to take all the photos yourself. From head shots to flat lays, you may just have too much on your to do list to make time for it. You can absolutely hire a photographer down the road to help you out or you could take the do it yourself route. It will save you a couple bucks and it's a fun way to get creative. Don't be afraid to search for free stock photo websites. There are so many out there that don't charge you monthly you just have to do a little research. 

Advertising & Marketing

When it comes to advertising, things have changed a lot with social medi. You may want to spend all your money on Facebook and Instagram Ads right away but take some time to grow your following. You can absolutely get clients without spending money it may just take more time than you would like. Join local Facebook Groups that your target audience is hanging out in and watch for people looking for a photographer. Don't be afraid to offer your advice and be active in those groups. You never know who is seeing you! Be active and genuine on your social media platforms. Over time, your audience will grow naturally and you can understand your target audience more.