Why You Should Recommend Lingerie To Clients

Boudoir is an intimate experience and clients want their photos to look perfect! A big part of the session is the lingerie. Not all clients will bring only lingerie but it plays a big part of their wardrobe. As the photographer, you see the lingerie from a different perspective. The client may be seeing a certain piece as their partner's favorite or it's their favorite color, but as the photographer you see it as how it photographs. You want the lingerie to flatter their curves in all the right places. It's important to talk to clients before the session so you can give them the best recommendations for their body. 


Every body is different and unfortunately, some lingerie pieces look scary on hangers! As we all know, teddies are super flattering on absolutely everyone but not everyone is willing to try it on. Someone who doesn't know about teddies might pass them by while shopping because of that reason. It is your job to make sure that your clients gave all the information they need prior to the session to make sure you are creating the absolute best experience.

Getting to know your client and knowing their body type beforehand will help you recommend pieces and certain places that are best for them. Make sure you ask them questions prior to the shoot. Even if they seem personal, it will help you in your recommendations as well as planning out the details of the shoot, such as the posing.

Not only will you help them pick out the perfect pieces for their body type and style but you may break them outside of their comfort zone. This new found confidence can also make it's way into their regular wardrobe.   Everyone of my clients first stop to shop is usually Victoria Secret but there are so many other great places out there that have amazing options. It's up to us as their photographer to let them know and educate them. VS does have great pieces, but a lot of their items are made to fit the masses. This leaves clients with bras that have gaping or underwear that pinches the skin - all things that you would either have to address while shooting or editing. Save yourself the hassle and the client the nerves and self consciousness of wearing something that doesn't completely flatter or fit them.

Don't be afraid to get creative with your recommendations. Not every piece has to be lingerie either. If they love flannel shirts, maybe add that in with a pair of panties, topless. Super simple and super sexy. Recommendations like that will also make their shoot a bit more personal to them too.