Tips For Marketing Your Boudoir Business

Marketing your business can be hard when you have a to do list a mile long. If you are anything like me, your editing list is never-ending and coming up with new marketing ideas is just not a priority.

Since boudoir is more risque, it can be hard to think of ideas that will be seen in your community. Although it is a bit more revealing, and may seem like more of a challenge to advertise, I promise there are so many ways that you can still market your business!

I have learned a few easy marketing tips along the way that I can't wait to share with you! Read more below:


Mailing List

Think of your mailing list as your tribe. It's the only thing you really own - social media accounts could be closed or shut down any day so it's important to continue to grow your email list. Make it worth their while to join your list. How to get ladies to sign up:

1) Host an event at your studio or partner up with lingerie stores, salons, etc. Pretty much seek out any place that your ideal client will be spending time!

2) Sign up for a wedding expo happening in your town. Although these events often don't prove effective right away (since some ladies are still in the very early stages of planning their wedding), the amount of emails given is well worth the investment! I have had clients book me years after initially seeing me at an expo!

3) Have an opt in option on your website. This is key and one that I see many photographers skip! Have a sign up option on your site - they already liked you enough to check out your work, so now make them life long fans!

Make sure once you do have an email list going, that you send them information, sales, and tips that is special to them - if you are posting the same things everywhere your clients may not feel a need to be on your list too. Remember, they are inviting you into their inbox so make it worthwhile!


Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to market your boudoir business. There are so many different social media platforms that you can pick from. Think about the platforms that will fit your target audience the best and stick to those! Remember, you don't have to be on every single platform! Just stick to a few and be sure to stay active on them. Accountability is a huge key to being successful on Instagram or Facebook for example.

There are so many different schedulers out there that make posting on social media that much easier, I highly recommend taking advantage of that too (otherwise you may want to give up before really gaining any momentum!). You can sit down one day a week and plan our your social media posts and schedule everything out. Piece of cake!


Network with Local Vendors

Get in touch with local vendors and businesses that you could potentially collaborate with down the road. Maybe you want to guest blog for them and vice versa or just network with other wedding vendors. It's always a good idea to get friendly with local businesses that align with your brand, you never know what you could work together on in the future!

  • Key business to keep in mind for boudoir photographers:
  • Lingerie stores
  • Salons
  • Wedding planner
  • Florist
  • Wedding photographers
  • Maternity stores

Now go out there and market the hell out of your brand! Remember it all takes time, but if you keep at it, you will see lasting results.

Have any other marketing tips you would like to share?! Let's hear em!