Learning Boudoir: 3 Easy Ways to Get New Clients

Getting new clients can be overwhelming and stressful. The thought of not having any income can be terrifying, but the thought of going out and finding the clients can be just as scary. I promise it's not as scary as it seems. Here are 3 easy tips to get new clients in for boudoir sessions.



One of the best compliments you can get from your current client is to get a referral. They loved you so much that they told someone who you are and how amazing you are at what you do. Offer incentives to your current clients for giving a referral, whether it is a discount or a credit to a product, session, etc. Clients love being thanked for referring and may be more willing if they know something is coming there way.


Networking is still a thing, even in 2017! If you are in boudoir, networking with wedding vendors is a great idea. They deal with many brides and they may get asked about vendors that they love and recommend. You can either network in person and visit their businesses, go to networking events, or even send them a quick email introducing them. Make sure you have business cards on you at all times, you never know who may meet while you are out.

Social Media Marketing

Are you posting on your social platforms? Take a few hours to set up a schedule for yourself. Remember, you don't have to post on EVERY platform. Think about what your target audience is on. If they are only on Instagram and Facebook, try to post there on a consistent basis so you can reach them! Don't overwhelm yourself trying to post on every single social media platform that is out there. Stick to what you know. Create a schedule for yourself and be consistent with it! You would be surprised how many people use social media to find vendors.