What To Do When Working In A Small Space

When you don't have a set studio space, it can be hard to know what type of space you will be shooting in all the time. Sometimes you may be working in a hotel and then some shoots may take place in your client's home. Some spaces might be a bit smaller than expected but not to worry! You can always work around have smaller spaces by utilizing different poses, lenses and lighting.

My all time favorite lens to use for small spaces is the 50mm. It is great for shooting in small spaces, like a client's bedroom. It is one of my favorite lenses to use and it does not distort body proportions. 

Ma Cherie Studios

You can also change out the furniture to switch up the looks in the photo. If you are shooting on a chair, move the chair out and replace with an air mattress. Switching out the furniture will help you get different types of shots so you have a variety.  

You may be worried that in a small space you won't have enough shots to sell to your client. Just be sure to give your client the opportunity for a few outfit changes. Changing up the poses and outfits will help create different style shots that your client will love.