DIY Website vs. Hiring a Designer

Think of your website as your home base for your brand. All of your social media outlets all lead to your website. It’s the one place that potential clients can check out your work, read your blog, get more information about sessions, and contact you (and most importantly you can grab their email!). It’s everything they - and you - need all in one place. But websites can be a huge expense if you are looking for a designer to create it for you.


When it comes to your website, there are a few things to think about. Are you the type of person that loves DIY projects? Do you have enough time to learn the platform and go through a few trial and errors? You can absolutely create a beautiful website on your own that will give that creative and cohesive brand you are looking for.

You can also hire a professional to complete the design project out there. If you are not the best at DIY’s and have the budget for it, this may be the better option for you. There are so many amazing web designers out there so be sure to do your research on designers and pick the one that fits your style and needs the best.

You can’t go wrong with either option! Remember, you can always update and change your website. If you end up picking one option but you are not completely happy with the outcome, you can always change it!