Keeping Your Business Organized

Keeping your business organized seems like an easy task but with an ever growing to do list and a jam packed schedule, it can be difficult! If you are one of the lucky ones and have that lucky organization gene, I am jealous! Not everyone can be so lucky and over the years, I have learned what it takes to keep not only my work space organized but my business as well. 

Keeping everything clear and organized not only keeps me less distracted but it also keeps my brain clear. I can always find that file that I need (for the most part) and don't spend unnecessary amounts of time trying to find something. It didn't happen overnight and it definitely took some work to learn. Once you get your workflow down and organized, you will feel so much better! 



Having a dedicated work space is SO important. As much as I love being able to work wherever, I have found that to really get down to business I work best having an office space. Whether that is a corner in your living room, a studio space or an extra bedroom, it's important that you have your very own workspace. This will help you feel like you are actually going to work for the day and not just working from home from the couch. 

Not only will you be able to get more work done here but you can keep all of your things organized in this space. From important documents and equipment, you will be able to keep all things work in one place. This will help you minimize the days that you can't find that extra battery because you will have a space dedicated to your gear. 

Bookkeeping and finances

One thing i always recommend to keep organized from the beginning is your finances. If you don't keep things organized - you may end up overspending or even forget to pay that oh so important bill. Not only will it help you see your finances and but it will help you that much more at tax time. Instead of spending hours or days trying to organize your receipts, you will already have it all done. 


The one thing that helps me stay organized and on top of my to do list is to set up automation within my business. From contracts to social media, I love using systems that will take out a lot of those time consuming tasks for me. From automating your emails to even sending out invoices, these tools will help you save a ton of time. I even schedule out all my social media posts for the month to help take out the guesswork everyday of what to post. These extra couple of minutes each day help me edit more photos, schedule in more client meetings and sessions. Look into your everyday tasks and see what you are spending a lot of time on. See what tasks you can set up to work on automation tools. I promise it will save you a ton of time! 



If you are anything like me, I must use a planner to keep everything organized! I use a combination of a paper planner and my google calendar to keep everything organized. Writing down what tasks you need to accomplish each day, each week and even each month will help you keep things in perspective. You don't have to go for the traditional paper planner either, there are so many great electronic calendar and to do list options that will help you stay organized. 

These are just a few ways to keep your business organized. The more organized you can stay, you more productive you will be. What are you favorite ways to stay on track?