Tips for Scheduling Social Media

Keeping up with social media is key for growing your online presence. Being able to direct more people to your website on a regular basis not only helps increase your newsletter sign ups, views to your blog but it can even help book up your schedule! You may be thinking that you don't have enough content to share and it can feel too salesy when you are posting the same few ideas over and over again. When you are doing that all of the time, it's not interesting for your audience so it can be difficult to grow your following. 

These are a few simple tips that I have learned over the years for scheduling your social media posts. From content ideas to tools to use, I have got you covered! 

Think of Categories

First things first, not everyone wants to see your portfolio pieces again and again. As much as we love seeing beautiful women in lingerie, most people want to see the face behind the business. They want to build that relationship with you before they feel comfortable booking a session with you. Think of a few different categories of posts that you can mix in with your images. From blog posts you are writing to new products to studio sneak peeks, there is endless ideas! Creating category ideas will help keep you on track and so that you are not sitting around wondering what to post for the day. 

Choose A Scheduler


There are so many fantastic schedulers out there now. A few of my favorites are Later, Tailwind, Buffer, Planoly and SmarterQueue. Depending on what platforms you are on, what your budget is like and your needs, it's best to do your research to find the perfect scheduler for you. The best part about scheduling? You can batch work your content and schedule out your posts for a few days, weeks, or even months. It will ensure that you are staying consistent with your social media and on top of what you are posting. 

When to Post

There are no rules when it comes to scheduling social media. It's best to think about your audience and when they are online. No two accounts are the same - even two photographers in the same niche may attract different audiences. Think about the platforms that you are on. Each platform has a different post life. For example, take a look at Twitter. Things move so insanely quick on Twitter that you post can easily get lost. Posting more often makes sense! But for Facebook, your posts tend to last longer in timeline feeds. 

These are just a few simple tips to get you started. Remember, social media is all about being social over being a salesperson. Try to be personal with your audience and create relationships with your followers!