Tips For Selling Your Most Popular Products

If selling does not come natural to you, it can seem like one of the hardest things to do. And personally I do not think any creative person starts out comfortable with the idea of sales. Selling your work is very personal and it can seem intimidating to price yourself in ways that will actually pay the bills. You never want to put pressure on your clients to buy but at the same time, this is your career. Every photographer has a different product that they love to sell. Whether it is an album or a collection that you put together, there are things that you can do to help yourself sell those. 

Create Packages

Creating packages is the perfect way to put together a few of your favorite products to sell. You can offer a discount for the group together instead of selling the products individually. Doing this is great for selling more products to your clients but they also will get a deal if they buy the package instead of purchasing a-la-carte. Plus this is a great way for your clients to know which products are your most popular.


Sell During The Session

When you are shooting your client, don't be afraid to talk to them! Different shots look great as different products. If they are debating between a few products, you can show them different photos from the back of the camera and say how amazing that pose will look as wall art or in an album, etc. It also will get your client thinking more about the product at an earlier stage of the boudoir process. 

A great way to sell during the session is to bring the products with you. Having sample products in your studio is the best way for the client to be able to see and feel the product. It makes it real for them! They can see the quality and size of everything and it is easy for them to picture their own photos inside of that album when they can see them in person. The best advice I received on this, was to plant seeds in the clients mind on which products you would like them purchase. The more you talk about a product (without being pushy), the more they will think about that particular piece.

Offer Incentives

A great way to get clients to purchase your most popular products is by offering incentives. If there is a specific package you want to sell, think about offering a freebie with it or something that will be the perfect add on to that particular product. When you are offering great service, great incentives and great photos, the client will have a hard time saying no!