Finding A Work Life Balance

I think just about everyone can benefit from having the perfect work life balance, no matter what field you are in. Having enough time to hustle and get your work done but also enjoy time with friends and family is so important. It helps you de-stress but also let loose and have some fun! Surprisingly being away from work for a bit helps you get back in to the office and work that much harder. 

It can be hard to really take time off nowadays with everything being so accessible. Remember to take some away from your cell phone. Whether you turn off your apps after a certain time each day or just turn your phone on airplane mode for a bit. You may be tempted to check emails while just hanging out but it's important for your mental health to take some time off of work each night. 


Take some time to be active a few times a week. Find something that you absolutely love to do - whether that is walking the dog, running, spin classes, etc. Find an activity that you will fun doing but also get in a good workout. It helps relieve any extra stress you may have that day but also keep your body moving. It's great for both your mental and physical health. 

Try to leave any work stress at work for the day. This can be tricky if you work from home because your office is in your home. But, try to let any issues slip your mind when you close down your laptop for the day.