Setting Client Boundaries

The one downside of everything and everyone being so accessible is that your clients can contact you at any time of day. Whether that is through calling your cell phone, texting, Instagram, etc. there are so many ways they can reach out. When you are out with your friends, it can be hard if a client is texting you asking questions about a shoot. Things like this can make it hard to step away from work and relax when your work is constantly on your phone, and notifications are always popping up. 

Remember, you are the one in charge! If you love to communicate by email, make it known to your clients.  When you onboard your clients, let them know what the easiest way to reach you is. Be sure to set your boundaries with potential clients too! Let them know upfront so that they know ahead of time how and when they can reach you. If you don't work past a certain hour of the day, let them know! If you send out any welcome emails or packets to clients, make sure to list your hours and easiest way of contact on those forms. 

Stick to your guns! Clients are going to expect you to email them back right away. If you don't respond to emails over the weekends, try to respond on Monday or Tuesday so that they can see that they can email you over the weekend but you won't respond till your back in the office. There are different apps out there that will let you respond over the weekend but won't actually send the email out until Monday morning. If you like to get a little work done over the weekend, this might be a beneficial tool for you. 

Stay consistent with the lines that you won't cross. Of course, there are times that you may have to get in touch with a client as soon as possible if there is any kind of emergency. But, try to stay consistent with the boundaries that you have set for yourself. It will make your life easier, and show clients that just like any other business, you are not available 24/7.