Starting A Boudoir Business

Starting a boudoir business is so exciting but also nerve racking. There is so much that goes into it before you can actually open your doors. It feels like this scary process but I promise, it is so worth all of the hard work. Here are a few tips to get you up and running. 

Starting a boudoir business


Other than getting the correct licenses (check to see if your state requires them!), branding is one of the biggest steps to start with. What is your business going to be called? What do you want your logo to look like? All of these things come into play when you start reaching out to potential clients. Take some time to figure out the design aspects of it all as well as your target audience and business goals. You want to have a set plan before jumping into the boudoir world! Remember all your branding aspect should reflect the type of business you are and the service you provide. If, for example, all your shoots involve a lot of colors, playing in the outdoors, and sunshine, make sure your branding is bright and colorful as well! If you are wanting to start a luxury studio with premium pricing, your branding better look high end as well! 


Grab your friends and family to do a few model shoots for you. This will help you figure out any minor details and mess ups on people that you feel completely comfortable with. Having a portfolio is so important when talking to clients. It shows them your photography and editing style as well as helps them envision themselves in the photos. Make sure to have a good handle on the type of images you like, so that your portfolio accurately represents your style. The worst thing that can happen is having a client who has unrealistic expectations of her session and then blames you for them!

Offer Sales & Mini Sessions

Start off slow! Offer some sale sessions and smaller sessions to entice people to book with you (make sure to plan these out in order to entice a lot of up-selling at the end!). Once you start getting a steady intake of clients and referrals you can do away with sales and mini sessions if you want. Offering smaller sessions is also a great way to try out different styles and themes you think you may want to try!

Finding Your Style

Your shoot and editing style is most likely going to change at least once and that's okay! I know mine has changed a few over the years! The more time you spend behind the camera, the more times you can try out different things and really nail down your style*. Don't be afraid to try out something new every once and awhile.

*Make sure to play with models versus paying clients as they may have you hired you for the style you previously advertised. 


Hope these tips help! If you have any other questions or want more tips about posing etc, get in touch with me! Xoxo, Annika