How To Use Instagram Stories to Grow Your Business

Social media seems to be slowly taking over everyone’s lives lately, especially for us business owners! If making sure your posts are scheduled and you are consistently engaging takes up most of your free time, now there are Instagram stories to keep you even busier!  It has always been one of my favorite platforms to post and spend time on, and has a ton of new features to play around with.  Plus it’s one of the best platforms to engage with my audience and stories have been able to grow my account engagement immensely! Here are a few tips to grow your business using Instagram stories.



So you may be thinking that stories will not change your business, but I promise you that it will. One of the best reasons to use them is that it shows up at the top of your feed as you open up the app. Your audience may be missing your post for the day but they will see your story because of where it is placed. How awesome is that? It’s a great way to increase your visibility to the people that don’t spend a lot of time scrolling down the app.

Feed Aesthetics

Have a photo that you know your audience will love but it doesn’t fit into your feed? I totally get it! You spend so much time making sure all the photos flow together and that one shot that throws it all off is a pain to deal with. One of my favorite places to show those photos off is in my stories. Sharing content in both places allows your fans to get more from you in different ways.  

Behind the Scenes


Stories are the best way to take your audience with you on your day-to-day life. Going to a cool meeting? Having a day at the studio? Show your audience! They are already following you for a reason. Make them feel like they are going with you and it will let them see what your life and business are really like. It lets your fans feel like they are really a part of your brand! They only see the final product that you show on your feed so using stories to show off your process gives them an insight on what you are doing on the daily.

Tell Your Story

Your audience may not know the story behind the brand. If they just started following you now, they are starting in the middle of your story.  This is the best platform to tell them who you are and how your brand got started. You would be surprised how many people are really interested in how your business came to life and how you got to where you are in this moment.

Sneak peeks

Stories only last for 24 hours so if they miss it they really are missing out on these exclusive moments with you. If you have a new service or product launching, don’t be afraid to show it! These are the people that are consistently buying from you so why not get them excited for what is up and coming for your company. You don’t have to show everything but sneak peeks are a fun way to get a bit more personal with your audience.

Discount Codes

I always love to give out discount codes in some of my stories. Not only will your audience love it (who doesn’t love a sale?!) but it helps you see how many people are watching your stories and how many people actually use the code.  The more you do this the more your audience won’t want to miss out on your stories. Discount codes also usually light a fire under your audience that has been thinking of buying but have been on the fence about it.

These are just a few simple ways to use Instagram stories to grow your following and your business. Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with the platform!