Setting Up A Work Flow

With wedding season in full swing, my schedule is jam packed with brides wanting to surprise their sweetie with a session. While my head seems to be spinning on most days, the one thing that keeps me going is staying organized. The few first years of my business, I had to really learn how to keep everything business related organized. It is so important to keep everything running smoothly from the start. That way if you miss a detail or mess something up, you don’t have to start searching and retracing your steps to find the missing detail. I recommend that every photographer and business owner set up a workflow that works for them!


I personally like to start my workflow with the first inquiry email. Not only does it help cut down some time but it ensures that every client gets the same experience from me! If you like to send specific documents and details, set up a template that you can cut and paste into that first email to prospective client. Not only will it help cut down time, but it makes sure that there are no mistakes and all of the details are there. You have to do the work once but once that email is perfect, just make a template out of it. You will be so thankful that you did when you get a bunch of emails coming in on your busiest day! I love setting up email templates for everything from inquiry emails to even a thank you email for after the client’s session.

Whether you want to use a program like Tave or Honeybook, find a program that works for you for sending invoices! I personally use Tave and it has been incredible on making sure that all my clients get invoices. It helps me remind them if they forget to sign and it also helps me make sure that every client signs it before their session.

Think about the process and experience you want to set up for your clients. Do you want to send them reminder emails before their shoot? Set up reminders for yourself and make those email templates ahead of time. One tool that I love to use for my process is Trello. It helps me create a list of all the things I need to do for each client and helps keep me on track. From sending emails to editing photos, everything is on that list! These little steps help me stay organized and make sure that every client gets what they need before and after their session.

You can even set up a workflow for how you to edit. Think about the different tools that you use and the process that you normally use. Can you batch work and cut down some of that time? Set up systems to make sure that you don’t miss any steps in your editing and making sure that all photos are ready to show the client. 


Once all of my orders come in, I like to make sure that every thing I ordered is correct. I go through all of the orders at once instead of going one by one throughout the week. I find that doing things like this and batching up similar work is great for getting it all done and staying on track with my schedule.

When it comes to workflow, you can really do what is best for you. I tried to think about the different things I work do on a regular basis and just added that into my process. I want to make sure that my clients get the best experience possible and setting up a solid workflow has really helped that happen!