4 Simple Tips To Grow Your Instagram Following

Instagram seems to be the new it platform when it comes to social media. The platform is constantly changing, from trends to algorithm updates to new features, there is always so much to learn. Understanding the platform will not only help you utilize it to the best of your ability but also allow you to grow your account. Here are a few tips on growing your Instagram following. 

Switch To A Business Account

This seems like a no brainer but I see so many photographers that are still using a personal account. There is nothing wrong with starting with a personal account but switching to a business account lets you see so many great analytics that you would otherwise have no idea about. From best times to post to details about your followers, it will only help you to be able to see these statistics on a regular basis. It will give you a great insight and understanding about how your followers are reacting to your content. It also allows you to set up your email so clients and followers can directly email you straight from your Instagram account. How simple is that? It makes getting in touch so easy. 

Grow Your Instagram Account

Create A Strategy Around Your Brand

Think about your brand. What is your photography style? You want to make sure that you are using images and wording that match your brand. Remember, your top 9 photos are the first photos that someone sees when they click on your account. Be sure that they are photos that represent your brand and style.  You want potential clients to get a feel for who you are without even talking to you yet.  

Plan Your Posts

Ever see someone posting all the time and don't know how they are making time for it? Chances are they are scheduling their posts out ahead of time. With so many great tools like Later and Plann, you can schedule out your posts ahead of time and even set up automatic posting. If your day gets too hectic, you don't have to worry that you didn't have time for Instagram. You are still able to stay active each day by scheduling things out. This is also great for making sure that each photo is on brand and that you are keeping your brand cohesive. 

Pick Beautiful Photos

When you are picking out photos to post, make sure that they are of good quality! If an image is hard to see or if the quality it not good, it won't catch anyones attention. It will probably turn them away from your account. You want to make sure that the images that you are choosing are interesting and match your brand. 

Spend Time Engaging

Don't be afraid to ask your followers questions! When someone comments on a photo, comment back! Engage with the people that you are following and take some time to engage with your ideal target audience. Finding them on Instagram and starting a conversation will help your grow a relationship with people that will ultimately love your brand. 

These are just 4 easy tips that will help your grow your Instagram account. Don't be afraid to have fun with your posts and engage with your audience. What is your favorite thing about Instagram?