Easy Blogging Tips

Blogging is one of my favorite ways to market my business. It's the part of your business that you can do from literally anywhere, all you need is a decent internet connection and a computer. It's a way that you can get a bit more personal with your audience while also showing them just how knowledgable you really are.  Here are a few of my favorite easy blogging tips! 


Think about your target audience. What kind of things could they benefit from? Try picking out a few broad categories that really match up with what your brand is about and brainstorm some topics that could turn into different blog posts. Don't be afraid to talk about boudoir. Clients want to know about those new lingerie ideas and different accessories they can bring to your session. I promise you won't be overloading them with all things boudoir. 

Show Off Your Portfolio

If you feel like you are having trouble coming up with new topics all the time, that is okay! Use your sessions as another great way to show off your work and as a blog post. Prospective clients love reading about client sessions, their reason behind it and the experience in their own perspective. 



My biggest tip that I can give you is to stay consistent! You don't want to start blogging and then fall off a few weeks later. Before you know it, months will have gone by and you haven't blogged at all. Think about your weekly schedule and what works best for you. Decide on what day that your blog posts will go live and stick to that schedule. The more you blog, the more your followers will know when to expect a new post to come out. You can always add in more blogs weekly as you go but it's important to start small to be sure you can stay consistent with it. 

Batch Work

Taking time out every week can be difficult when you have editing to do, client meetings, sessions and whatever else may be on your to do list. I always recommend setting a few hours aside to batch work your blogging. Write as many blog posts as you can in the hours that you have set aside. You can schedule out your blog posts for a few weeks at a time so that you can still stay consistent with your schedule but you don't have to take the time to write the posts each week. 

Share, share and share! 

Don't forgot to share those blog posts! You spent so much time creating blog posts that your clients would love, you want to make sure that they are seeing them. Don't be afraid to promote them on your social media accounts. The best part? You can schedule out those social media accounts ahead of time! 

These are just a few easy tips that you can start implementing into your blog right now. What are your go to tips?