What To Do When You Feel Burnt Out

When you are running your own business, burnout is bound to happen. As your schedule starts to fill up and your to do list grows, it can be hard to turn off the work brain, especially if you work from home. It can be easy to slowly start to let work take over your life and then before you know it, you are completely burnt out! Trust me, you are not alone. I have felt like this time and time again. It's important to notice the signs and take a step back so that you can come back to your business feeling more motivated and creative as ever. Here are a few of my favorite tips when I start to feel burnt out. 

Turn Off Social Media

Avoiding burn out

I know that social media is a huge part of your business, but try to stop the scrolling! Looking at everyone else's highlight reel during a time of burn out will make you feel that much more pressure. If you have to post for your business, be sure to sign out right after so that you can take a break. You may even find yourself being a little bit more productive if you stop the scrolling for a few days. 

Keep Health a Priority

If you are anything like me, as soon as I feel exhausted and unmotivated I reach for all the snacks. I just want to curl up on the couch with a pizza and ice cream and call it a day. But, when you are feeling burnt out it is so important to make sure you are giving your body the nutrition that it needs. 

Not only is nutrition so important but moving your body is great for reliving stress. I know when you are feeling burnt out it can be hard to get to the gym but do your best. Working out is great at improving your mood and you will leave so much happier than when you walked in. 

Get Creative

Finding a creative outlet that is not your main source of income is so important. Whether that is painting or shooting something that you don't normally, getting outside of your comfort zone and getting creative is so important for relieving stress. It lets you get creative in a different way and I swear it helps me get ideas for my business while doing it.

Self Care

During this time, self care is even more important. Schedule it in during your week and if you have some down time, schedule in some more! Taking care of yourself when you are burnt out will help you get through this burn out stage even faster. If you have to step away from your laptop for a day or two, that is okay. Taking a small work break is self care too.

If you are feeling burnt out, don't be afraid to step away from your business for a little while. It may sound crazy but when you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and burnt out, you are probably not doing your best work. Maybe a Friday afternoon off or a few days of shutting down early will do the trick, or maybe a whole week. I know running a business is a lot of work  but you can only do your best work if you are feeling your best!