Outsourcing Tasks

When you first start your business, your to do list is constantly growing. You may be surprised that most of your daily work is not even photography based. It’s replying to emails, sending out invoices, working on marketing and more. When you first start, most of the tasks you will have to do on your own which is okay! It allows you to learn the process and learn how you like things done. As your business grows you can start to outsource some of these tasks, which will allow you to work more on running your business and photography sessions.

So what kind of things can you outsource exactly?  These are just a few things that you can hire out for.

Virtual Assistant

There are so many virtual assistants out there and many of them specialize in a specific niche. Whether you need help with customer service needs like replying to emails, setting up appointments in your calendar or even someone to manage your social media, there is a virtual assistant for you. The best part about hiring a virtual assistant? The position is virtual so they don’t need to come into your studio every day. You may have to do a little research to find an assistant that specializes in what you are looking for help in. Be sure to check your favorite business Facebook groups or ask a local entrepreneur if they know anyone.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a time consuming task! Having a social media manager is a little bit different from a virtual assistant. They specialize in social media and know the ins and outs behind creating a social media strategy for your brand. If you don’t want to hire someone to completely manager your accounts, most managers will offer consult appointments or even just engagement packages. Some social media managers will also offer just posting for you if you love to create the content yourself. Just like the virtual assistant, you may want to ask fellow entrepreneurs if they know anyone that they use and love!

Ghost Writing


It may surprise you but there are many different ghost writers out there that will write your website copy, blog posts, and event content for your courses for you. Depending on what your needs are, most ghost writers and copywriters will handle most of those projects for you. If you are writing a more detailed project like a book, you may need to find someone that specializes in book writing.

Website Design & Maintenance

Not a pro in coding? Me either! There are so many different programs out there that make website design so much easier now but if you are looking for something completely custom you may find it easier to hire someone to create it for you. It will save you lots of time, frustration, and maybe even a few tears. You can also buy pre-made templates if you want an easier DIY option. A lot of designers will also offer maintenance retainers if that is something that you are interested in.

Graphic Designer

If you find yourself designing packets and courses a lot, you may want to hire a graphic designer. I personally love to design a lot of my own projects but sometimes you just don’t have the time for it. You can always hire a designer for one easy project to test out if you like their style. Having a designer that you love and knows your style will ensure that you are happy with all of the projects that you give them.


You hire a CPA or an accountant to handle your taxes for you every year. Some CPA’s also offer keeping track of your books for you. Not everyone keeps tracking of all purchases and where the money is going and not everyone has time for it. Hiring a CPA will help you gain knowledge of doing it yourself, they will give you tips and tricks along the way and of course, they will handle your books for you.


Editing is something that is personal to every photographer. Not everyone wants to outsource this task. If you decide to find someone to do your editing, I highly recommend doing a lot of research. You want to find someone that has a very similar editing style to yours to ensure that your clients will be happy with the final outcome. Outsourcing editing will definitely free up a lot of your time to work on client sessions and creating new ideas for your business.

Did you know that I will be offering an editing service soon? I am so excited about this new service. Keep an eye out for when I will be announcing when it goes live!

Outsourcing tasks is definitely something that you don’t absolutely have to do. But it can be helpful to some tasks taken off your to do list. It’s all about finding the right person that fits with your business and your needs the best.