How To Hire and Keep Your Employees

As your brand grows, you may want to grow your team too! With a growing company comes a growing to do list and you can't always conquer that list alone. It can be hard to add people to your team because you business is your baby but I promise, when you hire the right people it only gets better! If you are thinking about your first hire, here are a few tips on how to hire and keep your employees happy.

Think Ahead

If you know that in a few months you will want to hire, start looking now. There are so many qualified people out there but you want to make sure you are finding someone that fits in well with your brand. You want to make sure that they are a perfect fit for the team and that their personality is perfect for your environment. Starting a few months in advance will allow you to take your time interviewing people. You don't want to rush through it and hire someone just to hire someone. Make sure it is a good fit first!


1099 or Employee

Before you make the hire, you want to do decide on a few things. Will they be part time or full time? If it is part time, is there room to grow? Also, you want to decide if you want a contract position or an employee. These are important to think about because the rules and tax laws are different on each! Also, if you are thinking 1099, be sure to check the laws around it because there are a few different laws about where they can work, the services they can provide, etc. 

Onboard Tasks

Before you start giving tasks to your new hire, think about what types of things you want to take off of your plate. What does the position entail? You want to be sure you aren't giving them things like doing your laundry, unless that is in the initial agreement! Make sure you are giving them tasks that they will enjoy and that is in alignment with your position. 

Keeping Your Employees

Once you hire your employee, you want to make sure they are happy! Keep them engaged in the company and be sure that you are checking in on them periodically. Are they doing tasks that they enjoy? Are they being paid a fair price? Are you giving them time off? You want to make sure you are treating your employees fairly because if you don't, eventually they will leave.  If you are constantly adding tasks to their plate, maybe think about giving them a raise or giving them a bonus - something to show that you appreciate their hard work and effort. 

Happy employees will be excited to come to work and work on new projects so be sure that you are keeping the work environment a place that people want to be! From learning new things to yearly reviews, be sure you are doing your part as a boss! 

Hiring employees is a process but you will absolutely feel better once you make your first hire! It will make you accomplish more and will allow your company to grow.